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Pick up 5 of our most favorite Envirosax!  Capture Oriental Spice, Mallorca, and the beautiful Rolling Stone prints all together!

Bag Dimensions (unrolled): 
19.5" x 16.5"

Bag Dimensions (rolled): 4" x 1.5"

Weight Capacity: 44 lbs

Bag Weight: 1.4 oz

An Envirosax Graphic Series bag is 19.7" by 16.5" and folds up to the size of a lipstick, 4" by 1.5" diameter. It weighs in at just 1.4oz. 
An Envirosax can quite comfortably hold two to three plastic grocery bags and has been tested to hold at least 44lbs.
Envirosax reusable bags are totally safe to carry food.

The best way to fold an Envirosax is as follows: 

  1. Fold the bag in half sideways.
  2. Fold the handles down over the body of the bag.
  3. Fold the bag into thirds, over the top of the handles.
  4. Roll the bag towards the snaps like a sleeping bag.
  5. Snap it together, et voila!
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4 Stars
Pretty and functional

These bags are so pretty in person. A great size. They’re made from a great feeling fabric that seems like it will really hold up!

5 Stars
Great quality!

I LOVE these bags! I always have one in my purse for shopping trips. They are light, strong, easily washable and take up very little room. I recently bought a set to give to friends when we go on vacation. Easy to pack for extra souvenirs!

5 Stars
Best Sax ever!

I was given a five pack of Envirosax over ten years ago, and it's one of the most valued gifts I've ever received. I have given them as gifts and bought more for myself over the years. They are compact, roomy, strong, and versatile. I've used them not only to haul groceries, but moving bulky items around, as an emergency rainhat, transporting items from one hospital room to name it. Best of all, they are easily washable, and dry very quickly. I find them to be of superior quality to the other bags on the market. Long live Envirosax!

5 Stars
Love these!

I bought a bunch of these for gifts for my co-workers since I love mine so much. It is so small and easy to carry in my hand bag. I use mine all the time to avoid having to use plastic or paper bags that are not environmentally friendly, and the patterns are attractive!.

5 Stars
The best!

I love these bags!! I received one a few years back as a gift and have worn it out. It went everywhere with me in my purse so I always had a reusable bag to go. It's perfect. It is, hands down, I can't say enough good things about these bags.

5 Stars
love them!

Great bags! Small and compact to carry in your purse, but big and sturdy to carry all your groceries. They can hold a lot more than you think!

5 Stars
lasts for over 10 years of regular use.

I buy these as gifts because I have used mine for over 10 years and I still don't need to replace them. They're super strong, wash really well, and roll up to fit neatly in my purse or the console of the car. My husband used the green grocer line as it's more masculine.

5 Stars
Best all around "save the environment from plastic" bags

These are pretty, and very strong. My groc store sometimes really loads them up, and there is no risk of tearing, and great benefit to strength training. I used these as gift wrap at Christmas which is such a great idea for a double gift. They roll up and have a snap, so you can stick one in a pocket, or purse, And they are washable so any goopy groceries can be easily cleaned up.

5 Stars
terrific bag

I have had one of your bags for around 5 years and it travels with me wherever I go. I use it to back gifts from around the world. I love it because it holds 40 pounds but it is so light weight and fits into my purse with no problem. Recently mine was stolen And I need es to replace it asap! So this time I ordered 5 and are giving them as Christmas gifts to friends. The best bag in the world.