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Four exotic Havana Envirosax bags.

Step into Havana the largest city and most historic city in Cuba.  This series has tropical exotic patterns that captivate onlookers. If you want a beautiful bag that is bold and tropical, these bags are for you.  Great for shopping by the beach and shopping in the sunny air.

Bag Dimensions (unrolled): 19.5" x 16.5"

Bag Dimensions (rolled): 4" x 1.5"

Weight Capacity: 44 lbs

Bag Weight: 1.4 oz

*Pouch not included

  • An Envirosax can quite comfortably hold the equivalent of two to three plastic grocery bags
  • Durable, carries up to 44 lbs. 
  • Lightweight, 1.4 oz.
  • Tested for safety to make sure they are safe to carry food
  • Water resistant & fully washable (hand wash in cold water)
  • Each Envirosax potentially replaces up to 5,000 bags in it's lifetime
  • Versatile - feel good & save the planet in style
  • A great gift idea 


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5 Stars
Reusable Shopping Bags

I love these bright, beautiful bags! If my dog would stop shredding them, they would last forever. Oh well, there are always new designs he hasn't eaten, yet.

5 Stars
Envirosax shopping bags

These are incredible! Lightweight, beautiful, and strong. The roll into small little portable pods. What more can you ask for? Five stars!!!

5 Stars
The Best!

I live in a community that hasn't allowed plastic grocery bags for years. I have tried all sorts of bags but these are the best. First of all, washable! Secondly, very strong! Thirdly, fold up! Plus, come in a pouch to keep tidy! I could go on and on raving about these...worth the price. I keep one in my purse for other purchases (so I don't have buy one).

5 Stars
Awesome bags!

I first saw/heard about your bags through my daughter. We were on a trip to the Pacific Northwest, and she had them in her bag when we went shopping. Everywhere we went, all the cashiers kept complimenting her and she was being your best spokesperson! When you notified her of a sale, she told me and that's when I first bought it. I think it will make a great gift!!!

5 Stars
Strong and lovely!

These bags are great! They are well made and strong, can hold a great deal without any fear of the fabric splitting. They are so easy to stick into a purse to carry along and have whenever you need one, or two!

5 Stars
Best shopping bag ever!

Super light, yet super strong, this is the perfect shopping bag. It takes up very little room in your purse so it's always convenient to have around.

5 Stars
go green

I only use this bags for my groceries shop, I take on my trips around the world and its PERFECT size, fits anywhere! I recommend a 110%!

5 Stars
Gorilla strong,easily cleaned,lightweight and last forever

First a gift from my daughter in law,now I'm buying 2 sets for my best friends. Great for farmers markets and your regular shopping,I wouldn't be without them

5 Stars
Durable and large

these are by far the best resuseable bags out there. I had my first set for 1o years and they are still in tact. I give them as gifts and everyone loves them.

5 Stars
Love them

I absolutely love these bags. I will be ordering more to give as gifts. They are small and fit in any purse then open up to fit quite a bit of purchases.